Test Question: For Grade VII Junior Hight School English in Focus (Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas VII)

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English Practice
test question for grade VII junior hight school
soal ulangan bahasa inggrik kelas VII SMP/Mts Semester 1

In pairs, choose a,b,c or d for the correct answer. Do it in your excercise book.

  1. There is living room. Living room means__________
    1. a. bathroom
      b. waiting room
      c. bedroom
      d. sitting room
  2.  There is a dining room. Dining room means a room in which_______
    1. a. you keep money
      b. you keep book
      c. you eat meal
      d. you keep clothes
  3.  There is also a drawing room. A drawing room means room in which_______
    1. a. people keep a picture
      b. people are painting
      c. people are painting
      d. people receive guests
  4.  A big house usually has a study. A study is room  in which person_______
    1. a. play in
      b. writtes a letter
      c. listen to the radio
      d. studies, reads, writes, etc.
  5.  They house has six bedrooms. A bedroom is a room to_______
    1. a. play in
      b. sleep in
      c. read in
      d. study in
  6.  The hous has two bathrooms. A bathroom is a room where person_______
    1. a. irons shirts
      b. reads books
      c. washes clothes
      d. takes a bath
  7.  She is in the kitchen. A kitchen is a room when person_______
    1. a. eats
      b. cooks
      c. drinks
  8.  There is a garage on the left side of the house. A garage is a shed where_______
    1. a. a driver sleeps
      b. cars are stored
      c. car are washed
      d. household appliances are kept
  9.  The children's bedrooms are upstairs. Upstairs means_______
    1. a. on a lower floor
      b. on an upper floor
      c. to the ground floor
      d. on the ground floor
  10.  This room is for the guests. A guest is a person who_______
    1. a. entertains
      b. waits for someone
      c. visits somebody else
      d. sits next to somebody
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