Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Tahun Pelajaran 2014/2015

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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Tahun Pelajaran 2014/2015| Assalamualaikum, pembaca dan pelanggan setia blog soalulangansekolah semuanya. Berikut soal latihan bahasa inggris untuk UKK tahun ini. Soal ini bisa dijadikan bahan uji kompetensi, atau buat latihan di rumah dan bimbingan belajar.

A. Chose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c or d!
1.There are tourists …. in the beach.   
a.    drink            b. eat                c. read                d. swim

2. “all right” in Indonesian is …
a.    yakinlah        b. baiklah            c. tentu                d. maaf

3. Don’t hunt animals in the …. !
a.    sea            b. lake                c. river                d. forest

4. A : here are some bread for you ! B : …..
a.    you’re welcome    b. of course             c. all right            d. thank you

5. There are orange juice, coffe, ice tea in the …
a.    canteen        b. school            c. room            d. mosque

6. The students have breakfast in the canteen when having …
a.    study            b. break time            c. do sport            d. do prayer

7.  Our grandfather is …. than our father.
a.    younger        b. smaller            c. oldest            d. older

8.    …… go to the cold waterfall !
a.    may            b. will                c. let’s                d. could

9. Faridz likes “omelet”. Omelet means ….
a.    sate            b. bakso            c. telur dadar            d. roti

10. Mrs. Rahma is a nurse. He works in….
a.    school        b. rice field            c. hospital            d. library

11. The colour of our flag is read and….
a.    black            b. white            c. yellow            d. blue

12.    ………do you live? I live on Kutai.
a.    what            b. why                c. where            d. when

13. The sixth month is….
a.    april            b. may                c. june                d. july

14. Ali always helps his father every morning before school. He is a … boy.
a.    diligent        b. lazy                c. stupid            d. beautiful

15.Your never do something everyday. You always sleep on the bed. We must say ….
a.    what a clever you !                    c. what a lazy you !
b.    what a diligent you !                    d. what a smart you !

16. A buffalo is …. than a goat.
a.    big            b. bigger            c. more big            d. biggest

17. We perform prayer in the ….
a.    hall            b. supermarket            c. mosque            d. clinic

18. Could you show me …. The museum is ?
a.    what            b. when            c. who                d. where

19. What………do you to school? At 6 o’clock?
a.    time            b. month            c. date                d. day

20. A place is for studying the student is named ….
a.    the school        b. the hospital            c. the market            d. the hall

B. Complete the following sentences!
1.    A: How many days are there in a week?
       B: There are ___________ days.
2.    The colour of blood is ____________
3.    The students have flag ceremony. Today is _________________
4.    Today is Wednesday, yesterday is _______________
5.    It is a ______________
6.    I live _______________Jalan Musi 1
7.    We can hear the music. Because we have _________
8.    Rabbits like to eat____________
9.    Cow, tiger, cat, are the name of _________________
10.    A: Os apple a kind of fruit?
         B: Yes, _________________________

C. Answer the following questions!
1.    Mention four vegetables to make a soup?
2.    What time do you go to school every day?
3.    Mention 3 colors of the traffic light?
4.    Mention 3 kinds of fruits?
5.    Mention four animals that eat meat?

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